Vehicles burned / ditched?

Verify vehicle history

Confirm the circumstances of the event

Vehicles register massive amount of electronic data. We know how to use it!

  • Not sure if it was a real accident or another "CRASH for CASH"?
  • Your company is losing money paying out fraudulent claims?
  • Want to seal claim settlement process?
  • Have unreliable or no witness of the event?

We retrive, store and analyse vehicle data and prepare expertise based on acquired material.

What is CDR?

CDR – Crash Data Retrieval. Data can be stored in airbag module, motor controller or other vehicle moduls. In Crash Data we retrive the data using BOSCH CDR tool and other genuine manufacturer diagnostic tools suitable for vehicles’ brand and type. We only use licenced, genuine tools.

  • We use our tailored made solution which allowes us to read the data:
    • at the vehicle location
    • remotely, using our EDRemote tool
    • at the lab
  • We verify:
    • extent of vehicle damage in fraudulent claims
    • pre-crash parameters: speed, break, throttle position
    • the moment and the level of vehicles' systems failurent
    • car identyfication features
    • event sequence in arsons, theft, vehicle dumping cases
  • We prepare:
    • raports and analysis
    • expert witness reports
    • retrived data storage