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Assessment of the vehicle actual condition supported
by innovative electronic data retrieval technology.

We change the way vehicle history is read. We provide the latest technological solutions for vehicle electronic data retrieval. We offer a comprehensive service of data analysis and interpretation. We pave the way to new, intelligent solutions in retrieval and exploitation of vehicle crash data.

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We remotly retrive vehicle
crash data using
CDTerminal and mobile app.
We secure and analyze electronic
crash data records linked to cars’
incidents and collisions.
We prepare reports and
expert opinions in comprehensive
and simple form.

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The fraud level in motor insurance sector values over € 13 billion each year*. Only 10% of this amount is detected by insurers using available tools. At Crash Data, we combine knowledge of latest technologies, vehicle electronics and software development. We create tools that allow fraud detection and obtaining evidence in difficult issues related to fraud.

We simply save our clients’ money.

~Patrycja Iwańska
Board Member
*Source:Insurance Europe: “Insurance Fraud: not a victimless crime 2019”


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