Crash Data Poland Ltd was founded in June 2015.

We focus on the growing needs of the motor insurance sector and law enforcement agencies in terms of retrieval, analysis and preservation of data saved in vehicles’ control modules. We particulalry specialize in data recorded  during colllisions, accidents and traffic offenses. Based on the retrieved data we prepare full expertiese to prevent our clients from spending thousands on fraudulent claims and to preserve data for the future court litigations. 


Most of people do not realize how much data is recorded by vehicle control modules every day.

This is the data that can be used in various ways to help in reconstructing the vehicle accident history, in court, with all kinds of fraud scams as well as when assessing the efficiency of cars bought on the secondary market.

CAN messages or speed sensor signals are no secret to us!

We have built a crash simulation test platform for airbag sensors, diagnosed and repaired dozens of safety systems damaged in accidents.

We know them from the inside out.


Crash Data Poland is also a partner of the EUDARTS Group association.


The goal of EuDarts association’s is to create a specialized portfolio of electronic solutions with a seamless connection to car electronics modules created for the European market and the needs of police services as well as training in this field for police and witness experts. Crash Data is the only partner for certified CDR Bosch Technician and Analyst training in Poland.

This cooperation gives us an opportunity for knowledge and experiance sharing Europe wise.

CRASH TEST September 21st 2018 - Annual Expert Witness Conference in Warsaw