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We retrieve passenger cars' history . We read, analyze and interpret electronic data stored in the vehicle. We secure data ensuring their probative value. Our services are effectively used by insurance companies, the prosecutor's offices, police, court experts, leasing companies and individual clients .

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Our knowledge and experience
help to shape the future.

Crash Data is a leading provider of technologies ensuring remote and fast data retrieval from passenger vehicles. We offer a full range of services: retriving, securing data on a massive scale and analyzing it. We also provide tools and software for vehicle examination at its parking place. Our services are based on industry-leading expertise knowledge. We pave the way for more effective and smarter solutions in the evolving world of data.


We have practical knowledge and many years of experience
in field of pre-crash data retrieval and analysis from EDR modules
as well as car diagnostics. We have already performed
over 4,000 examinations of vehicles of various brands.
We not only constantly expand our knowledge
about new solutions on the market.
We create the solutions ourselves!


We are the only company in Poland to use our tailor – made
solution supporting remote data retrieval. Responding to the needs
of our clients,we implement solutions that provide support in
solving complicated cases. We develop tools and software supporting this area.
Our strategic partner in software technology is Softax.


Our technology allows clients to perform mass-scale data
readouts and analyzes. We provide our services quickly
and in a manner ensuring data probative value.
Speed ​​and simplicity is one of the main goals of our work.


Electronic data is an objective evidence in criminal and civil matters.
We often refer to them as the “Electronic Witness”.
Its testimony is impartial and free of mistakes caused
by e.g. an injury to a participant in an accident
or the stress of event witness.

Stratigic partners


Softax is a strategic partner supporting us in software development for our solution.
It is a supplier of innovative systems for banking, financial institutions and big organizations.

EuDarts Group

Cooperation with EuDarts gives us the opportunity to use common experience gained on various markets, where competences are developed in the field of data retrieval, reporting and analyzes. These information is necessary to resolve disputes in motor insurance market and communication fraud, as well as in the broadly understood automotive sector. The Association prepares and conducts training in the field of CDR Technician and Analyst . On the Polish market,  Crash Data is the sole partner for EUDARTS.

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