Apprisers and court experts

We are supporting experts witnesses and apprises. We provide reliable data, train in the field of EDR retrieval and analysis, provide tools and/or data source necessary for analysis.

Confidence and data security

Our priority is the reliability of our services and ensuring the security and impartiality of the information obtained. Our order process enables the secure transfer and storage of evidence-based data.

Reliable and effective solutions

The credibility of the data source is of great importance, allowing for issuing of a reliable opinion. We work only on the basis of licensed tools of genuine vehicle manufacturers and Bosch CDR. We provide source files for each executed order, which enables their correctness to be verified, e.g. in court.

Best support and expertise

Our analysts support the appraisers throughout the entire process: from data acquisition to data analysis. They have many years of experience, necessary in the process of verifying the course of the event and issuing a technical opinion confirming the accident history of the vehicle.

Data retrieved from vehicle is the foundation for creating an objective, factual report that includes a list of recorded events, vehicle accident and pre-crash data in the form of tables and graphs. They confirm or deny the occurrence of a road accident.