If you plan to buy a car from the used car market, you want to make sure the vehicle is worth its price and you do not buy a wreck in a beautiful package with polished paint. Checking a vehicle electronic data will confirm the actual condition of the vehicle and its value.

Objective assessment of the vehicle condition

Wykorzystywana technologia pozwala nam skutecznie ocenić stan pojazdu. Odczytujemy informacje związane z usterkami, eksploatacją pojazdu, jego historią operacyjną, nienależytym wykonaniem usług naprawczych oraz próbą manipulacji i fałszowania danych. Zyskujesz cenną wiedzę na temat kupowanego auta

No geographic restrictions

The ability to perform remote data acquisition means, that we are not limited by distance. We read data from vehicle parking place. We operate fast and on a mass scale. We minimize the time of service implementation, while maintaining the effectiveness of operation.

A wide range of makes and models

We retrieve data from most makes and models of passenger vehicles, being the undisputed market leader.
In response to high customer demand, we constantly implement new solutions that raise the standard of our services.

The data we present in our reports ensure the vehicle’s value. By offering the support of our experts, we make your purchase free of unnecessary risk.