Insurance companies

Not sure if the description of the incident is accurate and truthful?
There are no witnesses to the event or they are unreliable? The company incurs financial losses related to fraud? Do you want to streamline and tighten the claims handling process?
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We shorten the process of doubtful damages handling.

We secure vehicle data at the first inspection . We lower the costs of claim handling by reducing the number of visits for inspection and automating the process of data retrieval and analysis.

We increase our clients’ savings

Company incur losses paying out compensation to insurance fraudsters. Secure the money of yours and your honest customers. We will investigate any suspected damage and make sure you are only paying due compensation.

We examine a broad range of vehicle brands.

We are the first to remotely read, collect and secure data on a mass scale. Our solutions allow to support most vehicle brands and models. We are constantly implementing new solutions that make us a market leader.

Based on electronic data secured from the tested vehicle, you will receive a report that will contain a list of recorded events and vehicle pre-crash data in form of tables and graphs. You can extend it with data analysis with description and verification of the course of the event.