Law enforcement

We provide and secure data that states important evidence
in criminal and civil matters. In cases where there are no witnesses to the event
nor necessary evidence, we provide it by retrieving records from vehicle electronic modules and establishing the correlation of these records with vehicle damages. We provide the testimony of an "electronic witness"

Support and experience of industry experts

Our team consists of EDR Technicians and Analysts with many years of experience. They constantly expend their knowledge on latest solutions and work on building new retrieval tools. We also co-operate with experts witnesses in the field of data analyses and road accidents reconstruction.

Electronic witness

We use technology that allows us to investigate the correlation between damage to the vehicle and the description of the event. The electronic witness provides us with indisputed evidence and reliable data for evaluation in difficult and complex cases.

Confidence and data security

Our technology enables safe data retrieval and transfer to the CDSystem – central system. Our strategic partner, Softax, watches over the security of the system.

We focus our activities on evidence that may have a decisive impact on the resolution of the criminal case. We provide reports and analyzes with data interpretations, while enabling reliable reconstruction of road incidents.