We provide certified CDR trainings:

All trainings are conducted on the basis of certified EUDARTS materials. All materials are available in Polish or English and kept up to date.

The European version of the training is prepared for the needs of  the local market and based on European regulations and legislation. It also contains mainly examples from the European market including several examples from the USA.

List of certified technicians and analysts trained by us in Poland.



Crash Data Retrieval – Technician on-line!

One day on-line Technician course. Possible to take in-class training right before 4 days CDR Analyst training.


Training details

  • Crash Data Retrieval System Level: Technician / User
  • Training time: 5 hours (on-line) 2 hours (practical part / data reading)
  • Training mode: E-learning Recommended training for beginners.
  • Qualifications necessary to participate in the training: basic knowledge of automotive technique, basic computer skills

Course description – E-training – online

  • Introduction CDR
  • Terms and abbreviations
  • Getting started
  • Prepare readout
  • Connect the CDR
  • Conduct the CDR readout
  • Download the CDR software

Certification: EUDARTS Group

  • E-learning – Positive quizz result
  • Practical – Issue two CDR reports prepared by the student
  • Certificate – By post


  • Understanding of basic principles of the CDR readout
  • Being able to solve simple connectivity problems and software issues
  • Identify the events
  • Conduct a certified readout

CDR Analyst

4-days training for certified CDR Technicians.

To be able to participate you must complete 1-day CDR Technik training. Usually the training for Technicians takes place the day before so that participants can easily combine the two courses.

During the training you will receive full knowledge of the functioning of the EDR Event Data Recorder car system and its and components; history and evolution of EDR. The training also teaches the extended interpretation of data which enables the translation of data from CDR reports into a working material for the reconstruction of a specific event.


Training details:

  • Crash Data Retrieval System Level: CDR analyst Training time: 32 hours – 4 days
  • Training mode: Stationary using the E-learning platform
  • Recommended  for witness experts and reconstructors as well as police.
  • Qualifications necessary to participate in the training: completed CDR technician training, knowledge of automotive technology, computer skills, minimum basic knowledge of English
  • BOSCH software only in English

The tool needed during training

  • Laptop with wifi access. Windows 7 or newer
  • Installed Bosch CDR software – during training

Course description:

  • Introduction
  • Explanation of the functions of the control modules: ECU, ESP, SRS
  • Network architecture, CAN protocol, message distribution
  • Explanation of the function and functioning of the airbag module
  • Pre-crash capturing Deployment vs. Non-deployment
  • Explanation of multiple deployment and non-deployment events
  • Calculation of Delta-V values
  • Data reading, communication, protocol, translation NHTSA 49 CFR Part 563 regulations, SAE-J1698 standard, proposed European regulations Data restrictions – in general
  • Data restrictions – in detail
  • Problems when extracting data from dismantled drivers
  • Data validation, comparison with physical damage Tire size, wheel slip, braking slip, hydraulic coupling
  • Momentum, energy
  • Practical examples

EuDarts Group certificate:

  • CDR Analyst certificate, after passing the online exam

Competences acquired:

  • Ability to interpret accident data read from the vehicle and link it with other data collected at the scene of the accident.
  • Ability to identify critical and key information from CDR reports.
  • The ability to assess the credibility and accuracy of the information read.
  • Ability to describe the EDR system and the results of the analysis in court litigations

Crash Data Retrieval Trainings

COURSE No. of Days
CDR Technician on – line ((English only) 1 day
CDR Technician in class 1 day
Combined CDR Technician/Analyst 5 days
CDR Analyst (only for CDR Technician certified) 4 days