We read, analyse, store vehicle electronic data and prepare specialist reports and expert reports for:


Tailored offers for Insurance sector are prepared and priced individually.

For more details contact us at: info@crashdata.pl or call us: + 48 516 05 03 05

Based on the retrieved data we prepare analysys, expert witnes reports, the content of which depends on the specific needs or purpose. 

Basic report - pdf. data file

  • list of events registered by vehicle modules
  • tables and graphs
Full analyses
  • list of events registered by vehicle modules
  • tables and graphics
  • full analysys with description, charts and graph interpretation


In the case of unreliable witnesses of the incident, lack of witnesses or evidence in criminal or civil matters, we prepare:

  • data readings from vehicles secured by legal authorities such as police,
  • technical opinions confirming the accident history of the vehicle
  • verification of the course of the event,
  • witness expert opinions.


Are you preparing an expert opinion? Do you need reliable data for your analysis or event reconstruction?

  • We rent a diagnostic kit for remote data readouts (only for trained indywiduals)
  • We perform the readouts and provide data files for analysis
  • We prepare technical opinions and analyzes


  • Are you planning to buy a used vehicle?
  • Do you want to make sure that it’s really worth the money?
  • Do you want to know that you are not buying a wreck in a beautiful package with polished varnish?

Contact us at info@crashdata.pl;

Send us the make, model, the manufacture year and VIN of the vehicle. We will check what data is available for the indicated car.